yè - pronounced "yea" - leaves

The humble, unassuming tea leaf has long provided a connection between men and nature in the Far East since it was discovered thousands of years ago. It has inspired generations of poets, artists and literati, evolved into a culture and has been a part of everyday living for many.

For centuries, the flavourful, full-leaf artisanal teas that we enjoy today has been appreciated the pure and simple way, without any additions or flavourings. Very much like the poets who expressed their love for the beverage, it is probably the same transcendental experience every time we sip a good cup of tea that motivates us to source for the finest teas.

All our teas have been carefully evaluated for their quality, complexity, character and craftsmanship so that you too can enjoy their purity and depth, just like how they have always been appreciated. 

We invite you to experience our tea the pure and simple way.