We present a small selection of teas for each range of tea, all in their purest form without any additions of flavours: 

green tea

white tea

Oolong tea

black tea

Pu erh tea

Our tea will be available for sale in our retail gallery with effect from the end of October 2016.



green tea

With freshness sealed in their leaves shortly after plucking, experience spring with each sip.

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tribute mao feng (Anhui, China)

Refreshing, refined and elegant. With floral notes of orchid and fruit notes of lychee, and a velvety smoothness, this tea has been a tribute tea back in the Qing Dynasty. It continues to be offered as a tribute tea to the Chinese Politburo today. 


dragonwell (Hangzhou, China)

Savoury, with pea and chestnut umami complexity, and occasionally floral hints. Hailing from different plantations within the famed West Lake region, we stock a few varieties of Dragonwell, including wild Dragonwell. 


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white tea

Simply sun-dried, these teas develop plum and vermouth notes with proper ageing. Prices of white teas typically increase with age. 


wild peony (Fujian, China)

Honeyed texture with hints of plum and peach blossoms. Harvested from wild bushes. This exceptionally smooth tea is composed of tea buds covered with white downy hairs and the top two leaves of the tea tree. 


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Oolong tea

Semi-oxidised teas with the most intricate and time-consuming processing, often including rounds of firing and resting. 


phoenix (Guangdong, China)

Explosions of a multitude of fruity and floral notes - pear, berries, lilies, honeysuckle, etc - over a medium body. The Champagne of teas. We stock a few varieties of Phoenix teas, each having a different aromatic profile.


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black tea

Heavily oxidised teas that have gained popularity in the West since the nineteenth century.  


keemun (Anhui, China)

Delicate and smooth, with a spellbinding aroma of rose and berries and a hint of cocoa.  A very fine Keemun made in the traditional fashion. This was the original "Breakfast Tea". 


wild black tea (Yunnan, China)  

Pronounced notes of stone fruits, grapes and berries and a lingering after taste. All natural. Harvested from wild trees older than five hundred years. We stock a few types of wild black teas, each having its unique fruity profile.


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Pu erh tea

Harvested from young, old and wild trees from Yunnan, China and allowed to age naturally, developing complexity and woody undertones. Also known as the connoisseur's tea.  


pu'erh (young trees) (Yunnan, China)

Exciting and zesty, with a dry finish and an aftertaste of jasmine that fills the palate. A jewel in its class of young tree teas. 


pu'erh (old trees) (Yunnan, China)

Subtle tones of nectarines and lilies hidden in a soft, creamy liquid. Harvested from trees older than three hundred years, from forgotten imperial tea gardens established during Dynastic China. We stock some single-estate and single tree harvests.


wild pu'erh (Yunnan, China)

Tasting notes: spearmint,nectarine, liquorice

Smooth like silk, with an alluring aftertaste of peach and spearmint that lingers on the palate. Harvested from wild old trees that are at least a few hundred years old. Mostly single tree harvests.


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